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A Great Man and Van Is Available For You Now In Anerley

Taxi Vans can provide for all your man with van hire needs in Anerley. Whether it’s a single job requiring extra hands in SE20 and a vehicle of a larger size, or full-on relocation services are what’s needed – we can provide the perfect package for you at the best prices this side of the Thames. Transport of all items can be effectively carried out by our diligent operatives at the most convenient schedule for you. We provide the muscle and machinery to solve all removal tasks. Don’t let this work become a problem; remember: there is no such thing as a problem – only a man and van solution waiting to be found! For your moving solution call us on 020 8746 4444 now and save money.

If you want any help with handling, moving and transportation - here is why you should decide on us for a solution:

•    Our staff are fully experienced in all types of handling and we offer removal van hire for all goods and items;
•    Our movers know the area they operate in comprehensively and are well experienced to plan the best routes to any other nation-wide destination required;
•    The vehicles we send out are the latest models of proven efficiency both for reliability and economy;
•    Our service is fully insured for the handling of your property and the transit of everything;
•    Customer service support line is available 24 hours for queries or amendments to your service;
•    You will not find better services for man and a van hire east of Beijing that compare with our prices!

What We Can Do For You In Anerley

If you have stuff to move from point A, to point B and need labor and transport and some organization to complete this, we alleviate the task quickly, safely and economically unrivalled with our man and van. Picture the alternative: arrange time off work; the rigmarole and paperwork of hiring a suitable vehicle (or to undertake many more journeys in your car); and also having the shifting and carrying at both ends…well, we can tailor a moving house service for you that will save this with our man with a van. Call anytime on 020 8746 4444, and our advisors will listen to all your requirements and make it happen, either with you in attendance, or independently, to save your time at the lowest price.

Attractions of Anerley

The area is now classified as a district of Bromley. Its name derives from the name of the estate of a Scottish silk industrialist built in the early 19th century, built on a common grazing land known as Penge Common, some of which still remains. Then came Anerley Gardens, perhaps one of London’s first tourist attractions. What used to be the hotel for the garden visitors is now the wonderful tavern, The Anerley Arms and well worth a visit. The town hall gives a glimpse of much Victorian architecture destroyed in WWII. The local station is London Bridge.

Solutions – Not Problems

Forget hiring a van or the worry about coordinating friends to try to move the furniture – we will shoulder the load to the desired destination for you. If you don’t have time to travel with your stuff in or out of Anerley, SE20, you can point us in the right direction and rest easy that the work will be completed by our staff. Remember: there are no problems, only solutions - and these man and van answers lie with us at Taxi Vans. For all removals in SE20 needing a fit mover and transport, call 020 8746 4444 now for a free estimate. We will remove all your worries with our relocation services, at the utmost simplicity and value and a money back guarantee.